Eternal Sun 公司支持Nuon 太阳能团队改进其太阳能汽车的性能

作者:Eternal Sun 公司 文章来源:弗戈工业在线 发布时间:2013-08-27
作为新的赞助方,Eternal Sun正在为荷兰的“Nuon Solar Team(Nuon太阳能团队)”提供各种特殊测试服务以确定并改进其太阳能汽车电板的性能。

Eternal Sun supports Nuon Solar Team to improve their solar car performance

Eternal Sun 公司支持Nuon 太阳能团队改进其太阳能汽车的性能


As a new sponsor, Eternal Sun is supporting the dutch ‘Nuon Solar Team’ with various special testing services to determine and improve the performance of the solar panels for their solar car. Solar cells behave differently under varying circumstances; heat in particular can result in a reduced power output. For the team it is very important to know exactly what the influences are, because every extra watt of power delivered by their solar cells can make the difference in winning the World Solar Challenge 2013 in Australia.

作为新的赞助方,Eternal Sun正在为荷兰的“Nuon Solar Team(Nuon太阳能团队)”提供各种特殊测试服务以确定并改进其太阳能汽车电板的性能。太阳能电池在不同环境下有不同的表现;以特别方式加热(照射)可以导致输出功率的下降。对于团队来说,了解影响的因素非常重要,因为他们的太阳能电板所能额外发出的每一瓦电,都可能影响到他们在2013年澳大利亚举行的世界太阳能挑战赛中的输赢。

The World Solar Challenge is a 3000 km race held every two years in which teams from all around the world battle for the same goal: driving from Darwin in the north of Australia all the way down to Adelaide in the south in the fastest time possible, solely on the power of the sun. The idea behind the race is showing the world the possibilities of advanced technology and solar power and inspiring people to strive for a more sustainable future. Since their first participation in 2001, the Nuon Solar Team has won the race 4 times already, but saw the price just being taken by their Japanese rivals in the last two editions. This year however, nothing is left to chance to retake the first position.

世界太阳能挑战赛每两年举办一次,全程3000公里,来自全世界的参赛者有同一个目标:以最短的时间,从位于澳大利亚北部的达尔文市一直南下到阿德莱德市,全程仅依靠太阳能提供动力。该比赛的目的旨在向世界展示先进科技和太阳能的能力以及激发人们为可持续发展而奋斗。自从Nuon 团队2001年参赛以来,他们已赢得了四次,但最近2次他们输给了日本对手,与冠军无缘。但今年,他们誓要卷土重来,矛头直指冠军宝座亦回天乏术。

Eternal Sun has been contacted by the NUNA7 team for precise measurements on their solar panels. (NUNA7 is the name of the 7th car of the Nuon Solar Team). The solar panels are of course the most critical elements of the car and they should perform well under all circumstances. By using the solar simulation equipment provided by Eternal Sun the team was able to simulate climatic conditions identical to those in ‘the Australian outback’. The steady-state lighting technology enabled continuous testing of different parameters over time. NUNA7’s Electronics Engineer Masoed Shakori emphasized that the tests were of great value and that the team will use the gained knowledge to improve the design of the car, which will bring them a step closer to recapturing the title.

NUNA7 团队也请Eternal Sun帮助对其太阳能板进行精确测量。(NUNA7 是Nuon 太阳能团队第七辆汽车的名字)。太阳能电板是太阳能汽车的关键部件,应该能在各种环境下正常工作。通过使用Eternal Sun提供的太阳光模拟器,NUNA7 团队可以模拟出与澳大利亚当地的气候非常接近的环境。Eternal Sun的稳态发光技术可以提供不同参数下的连续测量。NUNA7团队的电子工程师Masoed Shakori强调说,这样的测试非常有用,可以帮助我们改进汽车的设计,将有助于我们夺回冠军。

The World Solar Challenge starts on the 6th of October and will take around 4 days for the fastest cars. Eternal Sun wishes the Nuon Solar Team all the best during this adventurous race!

世界太阳能挑战赛将于10月6日开始,4天之内角逐出最快的汽车。Eternal Sun 预祝Nuon 团队在这场充满冒险的比赛中一切顺利!