Dr. Garry M. Bickle

作者:本网编辑 发布时间:2011-11-25

Title of presentation Diesel Engine Aftertreatment Solutions in the

China Market for EU-IV and Beyond

Name of lecturer Dr. Garry M. Bickle

Position Country Manager

Abstract of speech

This presentation provides an overview of the aftertreatment technology using Emitec products that can support Chinese customers to meet the upcoming EU-IV diesel regulations and beyond. An introduction will be made of the technical fundamentals of SCR systems, details of the advanced catalytic techniques based on metal monoliths, particulate filters and SCR systems developed by Emitec. Practical examples of Emitec systems which have been successful in global markets are discussed.


Dr. Bickle graduated from University of Queensland, Australia with a BE(Hons I) and PhD during the 1980s. He has worked in multiple countries in the automotive exhaust after-treatment business for over 20 years. He has long-term business and personal relationships with many OEM customers and partner suppliers in Japan, Korea, Europe, China, USA and Australia. He is fluent in English and Japanese.

Achievements in scientific research

Author of over 30 technical papers including review papers, invited seminars and patent applications related to PGM catalysis

Invited Lecturer in SAE Australia 2009, 2011

Awarded outstanding Contribution Paper at SAE Detroit 1999